My To Do List: An updated evolving list of goals to be accomplished.

Act in a feature film (3 types: hollywood blockbuster, hk modern action movie, china wu xia period piece)
Start an automated 6 figure business ($3k/mo cash flow) that is self-sustaining and socially conscious
Learn mixed martial arts to a competition level (enter kickboxing/mma competition)
Produce a movie
Publish a book
Run a marathon
Knee drag / handle turns better on my motorcycle
Develop and wear my own clothing line
Combine martial arts and fashion
Own 3 residential real estate properties (Los Angeles, Mountain View, Taiwan)
Open a cafe (A’s faves idea), restaurant (midnight idea), or bar (small upscale idea)
Walk under the rain in a tropical rain forest
Learn another foreign language (conversational proficiency – French/Japanese/Korean/Vietnamese)
Move to a foreign country with only 1 months food/rent and sustain my living solely from wages earned locally. Living standard should allow for me to eat, drink, take lessons, and sleep comfortably.
Travel to: New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, South Africa, India, Germany, Russia, Dubai, Ireland, Spain

Done ——————————————————————————-
Train Muay Thai in Thailand [Bangkok 2013] Learn to fly a plane – [Mach1 Aviation in Van Nuys] Make the US Wushu Team – [2009 US Wushu “A” Team, 1st in longfist, 1st in straightsword] Place top 6 in wushu world games – [Gold Medal at Worlds in 2009] Skydiving – [14000ft @ Lake Elsinore] Buy first car
Start a company [WushuKicks Incorporated in 2009] Get motorcyle license – [Class: C M1] Work in corporate – [KPMG, City National Bank] Work with Jackie Chan – [Spy Next Door Premier @ The Grove in 2010] Work with Jet Li – [Acted across from Jet Li in The Sorcerer and the White Snake, doubled him in a commercial in 2011] Drive a Ferrari – [5/8/13 Took a friend’s Ferrari to the track in Beijing] Travel – [China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, England, Amsterdam, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines]